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martes, septiembre 18, 2007

Compact WCF Ten Commandments # .NET Compact Framework 3.5


  1. Compact WCF was born from E-Mail transport capabilities. Read and understand the story of "Lunch Launcher"
  2. Compact WCF is a subset of WCF Framework.
  3. Compact WCF only consume, don't host WCF Service.
  4. Forget Contracts. You are managing messages, so...
  5. ... be familiarized with Channel Factories and XmlSerializerWrapper.
  6. Compact WCF don't support MSMQ, TCP o others transports. Http/s and E-Mail transports bindings do.
  7. Forget transfer a large amount of data into a message, discard stream mode, is not available. "Buffer" it into your head.
  8. Compact WCF supports a subset* of WS_Security and WS_Addresing. [* -> only Basic256Rsa15.]
  9. Make Microsoft Exchange MVP o expert friend. Keep him/her close to you.
  10. Think Mobile.

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